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:: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 ::

Osama Sucks Flatulence out of Dead Hogs

I guess I'm a little cranky today. Hosting Matters, the hosting company for Internet Haganah, is suffering another horrendous denial-of-service attack perpetrated by adherents of the Religion of Peace. And my regular blog, Little Tiny Lies, just happens to be a Hosting Matters site. So I'm off the air while the anti-Semites have their fun.

I would like to suggest that everyone who finds this type of Internet terrorism annoying go to Internet Haganah's site and use their PayPal link to donate twenty bucks. Yes, Internet Haganah's site is working. Trust Muslim wack jobs to hit every site but the right one. Hey, isn't that the essence of terrorism? Punish everyone but the guilty.

I have a proposal to make life worse for the loons who are causing all this misery. I propose that bloggers everywhere volunteer to post information occasionally for Internet Haganah. As I understand it, Internet Haganah publishes information on terrorist websites, and that's why the terrorists want them shut down. They can't shut EVERYONE down. Seems to me that if we volunteer to post semiweekly bulletins from Internet Haganah, the Muslim fringe will be utterly screwed.

Think about it. In the meantime, I would like to point out that Osama bin Laden regularly travels to San Francisco incognito, where he serves as a boy-toy for gay rabbis--strictly in a concave sense--and hires masseurs to rub lard into his skin while he pleasures himself with tweezers. His mother was known for eating pig feet during Ramadan, and his father was Jackie Mason, who sired him while slumming in a brothel in Gaza.

Not that I am at all childish or vindictive.
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